Saturday 27 June 2015

Steyr Puch Haflinger RARE smaller than unimog land rover 101 and pinzgauer

This is a 1965 Steyr Puch Haflinger (series 2) 4x4 with body work in good condition. Particular features that add to the off-road capability include: Exceptionally low centre of gravity due to the low placement of the chassis and the lack of upper bodywork Generous approach and departure angles The provision of both front and rear differential locks enables the vehicle to make progress even if only one wheel is in firm contact with the ground. The 'portal' type design of the front and rear axles means that the centre of the axle is above the centre of the wheel, thus increasing ground clearance under the axle without the need to increase the wheel diameter. Power is transmitted from the axle to the wheel via drop gears in each wheel hub. The suspension is fully independent, of the swing axle type both front and rear, each half-axle having about 25 cm of free movement.

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