Saturday 23 May 2015

Land Rover SWB 88 Series 3 1972, Hard Top,Tax Exempt

1972 Series 3 88" Hard Top Land Rover is now up for sale due to the justification for the lack of use.

I bought the vehicle as it is with all the Modifications done by previous owners, I have only  Used, Maintained and Repaired the vehicle.

I have owned it since 2011 and have only covered  around 1700 miles, which is pretty low, it only tends to get used  for shooting activities, carrying feed, water, straw, farming type articles and people to places that are pretty far from maintained roads.

I normally drive a small van for my work as a daily runner and cover a lot of miles, so the Land Rover would be too cosly in fuel if I used it as my daily, therefore I need to get a vehicle that would do both tasks and not be too heavy on fuel, i.e. something modern.

As much as I like my Landy I can't justify keeping it.

It has been pretty good as an Offroader it has not let me down, it has been up, down and through places not for the faint hearted and it has not got stuck ( I'm not talking about doing things like the Extreme Mud Pluggers get up to).

It plodds along with lots of low end torque from the 2 1/4  Diesel,  although as all of you will know it wont break any land speed records, the journey is at a steady pace.

It has the following:

 MOT done on 21 May 2015

  A working Fairey Overdrive fitted

  Working Fairey Free Wheeling Hubs fitted

 Parabolic Springs fitted front and rear with suitable Shocks

General Grabber AT2 tyres fitted 235/85/R16 the equivalent of the 7.50 (Long wheel base type) due to having Parabolic springs

A  TMax 9500 winch fitted and working

Diff Guards front and rear.

Exmoor trim acoustic rubber moulded floor matt

Bonnet has been sound insulated

Wading Snorkel

Front Spot Lamps

Bumper Bar Brush Guard

High Lift Jack

Stainless Exhaust pipe from after the Down Pipe

Recent work done

Brake Shoes changed on Front

Brake Shoes Changed on Rear

N/S Rear Brake Slave Cylinder changed

N/S Front Hub oil seal changed

Rear Flexible Brake Hose changed

Both Front Flexible Brake Hoses changed

All Brake drums checked for ovality and wear

All Brake drums machined on lathe to true up.

Front axle removed to weld section on front Cross Member

Weld repair on Rear Cross Member O/S extension

New Front Side Lights fitted

New Modern H4 Type Head lights fitted

New Horn fitted

New Rear Propshaft fitted (12 months ago)

Repaced Broken Rear Diff unit with used Unit from Spare Axle (12 months ago)

Oil Changed on Engine, Gearbox and Axles 6 months ago

Bad Points

As with all Land Rovers of this age it will have the usual scratches and scrapes

The usual level of wear to its components for its age.

The usual small drips that the Land Rovers feel that they have to marks it's terrirory with.

The gear change between 2nd to 3rd  and 3rd to 4th is not as smooth as it first came out of the factory it has been like this pretty much when I first took ownership. It hasn't been an issue  because I've been driving it for nearly 4 years.

It has corrosion on the  Rear Tub  Support Cross Members, it is not an MOT issue being that it is just part of the Tub and not the chassis

Good Points

It has a very recent MOT

It is a solid strong vehicle

It has been cared for and maintained to good standard

All tyres have hardly any wear, the spare is unused

It has not been abused or used to tow heavy trailers

It comes with a Spare Gearbox, C/W Transfer box

It comes with 3 Brand New OEM Rear Tub Support Cross Members

It comes with a Spare Front Axle

It comes with a Spare Rear Axle ( The diff unit itself will need repairing)

Any questions you have please contact me, Wayne on 07970 824751  or send me an email

I am approx 20 miles West of Swansea, 3 miles past the end of the M4, near Cross Hands

I would recommend viewing, it is Not a pristine example of a Series Land Rover but it is solid.

I have access to a  2 poster Ramp so the vehicle can be inspected if required.

Buyer will need a Van/Truck  to carry the Axles and Gearbox, bear in mind the axles are very heavy  probably over 150kg each.