Monday 11 May 2015

For Sale £2000 - 1985 Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon 2.5 TD - Solihull West Midlands

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Sellers Comments

Up for grabs is my 1985 Defender. Selling as  I haven't got the time for this one at the moment (I am rebuilding a 1956 series one so that takes up some time!). Bought this for general fetching/carrying tasks and to tow the flat bed car transporter. Now I don't really do that anymore and I have the use of a Navara to borrow occasionally the Defender is up for sale.
Overall, presentable old truck (but certainly not a pose mobile!). Will require some welding for the MOT, passengers footwell and two patches on the cross member. Honest 2.5 TD engine with loads of life, won't get you there fast but it will always get you there. Smoky starting like all TDs but soon clears and settles down. Been very happy driving this (every day for 2 months after my other car was damaged). Bought this from Halifax and drove it home 70mph all the way for 3 hours and it didn't complain once. Interior will also require putting back together after a wiring fault (now repaired, see below). I won't list every little fault, it is a 30 year old truck and displays as such. MOT failure is below items in green I have done, items in red will need doing still.
Obviously don't buy it now if you aren't sure, come and view if you need to.  This is an unmodified example which is why I bought it, no problems with the insurance hence £130 per year (it was treble that for a 200 TDi conversion!)
More pictures to follow soon!
New parts fitted
  • New (big) battery
  • 4 x Bosch glow plugs
  • Steering box drop arm
  • Panhard rod
  • Lift pump
  • 3.5t pin and ball adjustable towbar
  • Fuel system drained, bled, new filter.

Points to note
  • Has been resprayed, good shine on it but not the best job (runs in paint and painting over seals etc)
  • Spare tyre is a different size to the others
  • Had a wire behind the dash burn out on me, done the hard part and got the truck starting again off the key. All lights, horns, wipers etc etc work. Couple of dash lights do not (orange glow plug light for example)
  • Due to the above most of the dashboard plastic has been removed, all is present and correct and will come with the car in a box.
  • Has a hole in the filler neck, new galv item supplied. Just wants fitting.

I won't be taking any less than £2000 for this. Any less than that and I'll get the work done and put it up for £2750 as it is worth that all day long with 12 months MOT. So save yourself £750 snap this up and get it passed an MOT yourself. Whilst there are a few bits to do there is nothing hard, expensive or terminal. Still a good honest truck!

Any questions please ask!!!!

Reason(s) for refusal to issue Certificate
Front registration plate missing (6.3.1a) (New GB plates fitted front and back)
Nearside/Offside Rear light cluster Electrical wiring damaged and bare wires exposed (1.9.2c) (Cover was missing, provided just needs refitting)
Nearside bulk head within 30 cm of door hinge Body or chassis has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mountings (6.1.B.2) (Requires welding patch to the top of the passengers footwell)
Fuel cap/sealing device does not fasten securely maintaining the sealing arrangement (7.2.4b) (New galv filler neck provided)
Nearside/Offside Headlamp aim too low (1.8) (Headlamp aim adjusted)
Nearside Front Side repeater incorrect colour (1.4.A.2f) (LED side repeaters fitted)
Nearside Rear Coil spring not correctly located (2.4.C.2)
Steering system has excessive free play detected at the steering wheel (steering box fitted) (2.2.A.1a) (Fault was in the drop arm and pan hard rod)
Idler arm Ball joint has excessive play (2.2.B.1f)
Offside Front Panhard rod rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement (2.4.G.2) (New panhard rod fitted including bushes)
Rear cross member Vehicle structure has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mountings (6.1.B.2) (Requires a plate welding on cross member under back door)
Nearside/Offside Rear Brake pipe inadequately clipped (3.6.B.1) (Get out the cable ties!)
Offside Rear out rigger Vehicle structure has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mountings (6.1.B.2) (Patch required where chassis leg joins cross member)
Nearside Front Axle swivel joint has excessive play (2.5.A.3b)
Nearside/Offside Windscreen wiper not operating automatically when switched on (8.2.1b) (Works fine 99% of the time, wipers can stick if screen is dry, motor just a bit tired. Works 100% of the time when it's raining (the important time!)) 
Advisory Notice issued
Offside Front Axle swivel joint has slight play (2.5.A.3b)
Parking brake: parking brake efficiency only just met. It would appear that the braking system requires adjustment or repair. (3.7.C.1b) (Strange, holds the truck on a gradient even with a car and car transporter on the back?!?!?)
Steering dampner eye bush deteriorated
N/s/f floor ha slight corrosion