Saturday 23 May 2015

1958 series 1 (one) Land Rover 109"

Here we have a 1958 109" Land Rover Series 1. Engine is a later 2.25 diesel. Bulkhead needs work,

1958 land Rover Series 1 109 inch pick up. Fitted with a later 2.25 diesel engine. Tax and MoT exempt and cheap to insure.
I have had the vehicle for just over a year. It was bought to assist in moving furniture and taking household rubbish to the tip. The house move is now completed and I have no further use for it.
The engine starts well even on frosty mornings, it could do with a service (I have new filters and oil for it) and I notice there is oil leaking from the engine top so it may need a new rocker cover gasket. the gearbox is noisy and jumps out of 3rd gear on overrun. The bulkhead has been repaired in the foot-wells at some time but the top needs some repair. It would require a new top rail and plating on the inside above and at the back of the storage compartments (see picture). It was like this when I bought it but it has not bothered me, but it would need repairing as a project. The body has been painted in matt green. It has the usual dings and dents particularly in the n/s rear wing (see photo). The chassis is sound, there are signs of patching on the bulkhead out riggers and a new rear cross member has been fit at some time.  unfortunately wasps attached the rear tilt last summer and it is now full of holes. there is no bonnet stay. It has had a new wiring loom fit which now means there is only one ignition key/start switch rather than the usual two.

I have MoT certs going back to 1994. The engine must have been fit prior to 1994 as its listed as a 2.25 engine then.
This would make a good project vehicle or a cheap workhorse for some one.

Viewing welcome.