Saturday 9 May 2015

Land Rover series 3, 109" 4X4 utility dropside pick up

Land Rover series 3, 109" 4X4 utility dropside pick up

Sellers Comments
Land Rover Series 3 109" 4X4 utility dropside pick up.

I have owned this Land Rover for a little over seven years and in that time it has broken down only once; the ignition points closed up and the spark failed, I fixed it by the roadside.
The MOT has never been an issue except last year it needed one small plate on the chassis.

This is no show queen as the photos show , I have used it whilst digging out the basement of my house to transport soil/hardcore to the tip , it has saved me thousands in skip hire. It is legal to drive in London because it is not a diesel and cheap to insure at  50 quid a year with classic car insurance. I have now finished my house, so I no longer need to own it although I will really miss it, it drives like a vintage car. In the summer it's very good fun to remove the cab and drive it as a convertible (pictured), my children love it & only takes 20 mins or so to remove the cab, the windscreen also folds flat.

Apart from regular servicing it has needed only a clutch master cylinder, recently four front brake cylinders, front brake shoes and a speedo cable. The original chassis has been patched in the past and the body work is dented, the heater is feeble in winter, the headlamps are poor. Please come and view the car if you are at all worried, I'm happy to test drive it.
If you would like to discuss the car in more detail please ask question or call me on 07931 842 346. I will accept cash on collection only.

This is a super rare variant of the Land Rover built by Crofords of Ashford. I've never seen another so this is a rare chance to buy, happy bidding.