Monday 11 May 2015

For Sale - Landrover Series 2a Petrol 1967 Unmolested, Original condition Delivery throughout the UK

For Sale - Landrover Series 2a Petrol 1967 Unmolested, Original condition Delivery throughout the UK For Sale £2750

Sellers Comments

1967 Landrover Series 2a

This vehicle is a great example of a Series 2a, and an ideal base for a light restoration project. It hasn't been messed about with, modified or altered in any way, and remains 99% complete, making for an easy restoration. Some of the panels have had some paint over the years, but as i found out yesterday, it comes off very easily with a jet wash revealing the original paintwork, which actually looks in surprisingly good condition !

The chassis and bulkhead have really stood the test of time, and are in really good condition (see pics). The top corners, hinge areas & vents on the bulkhead are as solid as they come. The footwells are also in great condition, only requiring a small amount of welding in 2 x corners (see pics).

The chassis is in remarkable condition, and doesn't look like its had much done to it either. It does look like its had a rear cross member, and an outrigger, but apart from that it looks original. It certainly isn't the usual patch work quilt. I have included some pics, that give you a general idea of the overall condition of the chassis. I should imagine on closer inspection that there will be a few patches required, but there certainly won't be any major repairs to worry about.

The original engine and gearbox were working fine when it was parked up, but the previous owner had played with the idea of fitting a Tdi engine, and had started to remove hoses, etc, so is now no longer running. It is all still in situ, so reconnecting it all shouldn't be any major task.

The bodywork is very straight, considering how old this vehicle is, suggesting that it has probably had an easier life than most Landrovers of this age. Doors are in good condition, including the rear door and tail gate.

Interior………. There isn't much to talk of really ! The front seats need replacing. The rear has bench seats that are still in the original elephant hide covering. The dash and clocks are all original, and all look in good order.

Original axles, engine, gearbox, dash, steering wheel, body panels (excluding door tops), grill etc, etc.

Any questions, or for any further pics, do give me a call on:

Tel No.  07854 524 873

I can arrange delivery anywhere within the UK and Europe. Overseas U.S. enquiries are welcomed. I can also arrange the shipping to most U.S. ports, & arrange titles etc. Give me a call or email for a quotation.

A deposit will be required via bank transfer or cash, immediately on acceptance of an offer. If you are unable to do this, please do not waste my time or yours. Less than 10 feedback or any negative feedback, I will require a deposit before i accept your offer.