Monday 11 May 2015

Land Rover Series 1 88" Ex Civil Defence Very Rare original SXF plate

Land Rover Series 1 88" Ex Civil Defence ** Very Rare original SXF plate

Sellers Comments
If you've got this far then you know exactly what you're looking at! This is a completely original and complete Ex Civil Defence Land Rover Series 1.....Series 1 land rovers are becoming increasingly rare and desirable, even more so with the original Civil Defence Corps SXF registration designation.

The Land rover was first registered in 1958 so is a late series 1 and has had 2 previous owners....and from what I can see neither have spent or done anything to her! Buyer will get the full story.....but from what I know it hasn't been used since the  nineties and has been sat outside exposed to the elements in our storage yard since 2007 and previuos to that in an overgrown front garden.

Right, about the Land Rover....please don't kid yourself into thinking a few quid and she'll be as good as new (If it was I'd do it myself!!) it will be a full nuts and bolts restoration project.....although there are some really positive bits, she is complete from what I can tell. The Ali body panals are all in good condition and pretty much straight, engine and chassis plate numbers match, still has the original 2.0Ltr petrol engine to which I put on a new coil, rigged up a line from the pump into a fuel can and she fired up first time (which still staggers me!) clutch engages and can and has be driven, the 2/4 wheel drive selector works but I wasn't brave enough to test Hi/lo functionality (My 110 doesn't always like it so figured it's not worth taking the chance!) tyres hold air, rear bench seats are present and in pretty good condition, tail board is good etc. etc.....on the minus side, chassis isn't great...probably just about salvagable if your a welding demon but frankly probably a case of putting on a new all accounts one of the biggest problems with a replacement chassis is getting the correct rear cross memeber for an S1...the rear cross member present is definately salvagable in my opinion. Bulkhead is probably beyond repair and will need replacement. Any of the anncilary items that are steel have either rotten or seized up (brake lines, cylinders, stearing linkage etc).....steering in particular is very stiff and it hasn't got any brakes except the handbrake onto the prop, exhaust has fallen off and in doing so, snapped the manifold where it joins the engine so she is a bit loud, that said the rad still holds water although i have drained it, and there don't appear to be any oil leaks from anywhere....well it's got oil in it and I haven't put it there!

If I'm honest I'd love to spend the time and money on her myself but to be frank I don't have the skill to do it justice myself or the cash to have it done properly by someone needs to go to someone who will lovingly and sympathetically restore it to it's former glory and take it's important place in the history of the land rover. New style V5 is now present in our name and any inspection is welcomed during normal office hours Mon-Fri.

Obviously, driving away isn't an option despite being MOT and TAX exempt!.........but we have a forklift so could assist with loading!

Land Rover is strictly cash on collection and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and i'll do my best to answer as best I can.

Thanks for looking