Sunday 4 September 2016

Land Rover Series 2 109 Double Cab - 200TDi & 5 Speed Gearbox - Selectable 4WD

 Sellers Comments - I am selling my much loved Land Rover Series 2.
The reason its being sold is purely I am looking to downsize the amount of vehicles I have before moving. 

Let me describe the vehicle, it is an ex military ambulance that met an unfortunate demise in the rear body department, now fitted with a stage 1 back body with a double cab roof which  was professionally  tig welded together to fit. The rear part of the cab is off a defender (off an ex James Bond Film Defender) and the front is standard Series. Rear doors are the rare split door version (but unfortunately someone before me fitted speakers in the door cards. Has Defender seats all round.
Chassis is the heavy duty combat chassis with parabolic springs fitted all round. Engine is a 200Tdi with recent cambelt with a full Steve Parker exhaust system fitted. Gearbox & transfer box is a Defender unit with selectable 4WD. Painted in RAF Blue Grey.

Chassis is good and benefits from a replacement crossmember, Chassis is not bent or cracked but has had some repairs in the past. Overall a good useable chassis.
Bulkhead is in good condition,needing no work or repairs as this was all done previously.

This vehicle has plenty of modern features such as hazards, speakers (but no stereo) soundproofing, rear fog light,reverse light etc but still retaining the character and charm of a series vehicle. This has been into Europe several times and has never let me down. I would jump in this and go with this Land Rover.

12 Months MOT
200TDi with recent cambelt
Defender transfer and gearbox
Ashcroft selectable 4wd conversion
Custom made roof
Sound proofing
G90 Tyres on Series rims
Parabolic leaf springs
Defender seats
Upgraded Headlights and spotlights through a relays
Steve Parker exhaust system
Split rear safari doors
Freewheeling Hubs
Rocky Mountain door tops

Some people wanted to check the vehicle history online but were unable to do so. I have looked into this and the reason is that the vehicle is registered as an Rover not Land Rover.
It is registered as a Rover Ambulance with its military designation.

So if you want to check MOT or Tax etc please enter WFO 805 and make as Rover then all the information will come up.

This is a used vehicle so there are signs of wear and tear on the vehicle. 
Please bid to buy and not kick tyres