Thursday, 22 September 2016

Land Rover Lightweight SIII - 1974

Sellers Comments - For sale, my Land Rover Lightweight Series III. I've owned it for 20 years. The actual vehicle was built in January 1974 (I recently got a Heritage Certificate as proof) and demobbed from the army in 1983. The owner at that time give it the look it has now although I added forward-facing rear seats and a Lightweight grille. It has twin tanks and a Kenlowe fan. I have MOTs going back to the very first one in 1983 so you can check mileage. I also have receipts for jobs/service going back to 1994. I haven't used the vehicle for aggressive off-roading, just the occasional poodling around gentle runs on off-road courses at various Land Rover shows. The reason why I'm selling is that I'm simply not using it enough and it needs to go to somebody who will. It passed its MOT a couple of weeks ago with an advisory for a slight leak on nearside rear hub seal. It could do with a decent service and some TLC. Please bear in mind this a 42-year-old Land Rover! Vehicle is in Clapham, SW London.