Thursday 29 September 2016

1968 Landrover Series IIa/2a LWB 109" Barn find/Project/Restoration

Sellers Comments - For Sale

1968 Series 2A 109" Landrover

Restoration Project - Runs and drives

Please Note: Harvey Frost Recovery Hook is NOT included in this sale. It will be removed before selling.

I am selling my 1968 Series 2A as I do not have time to restore this to the condition it deserves. I have owned the vehicle for over 10 years, and was purchased as a non-runner. I have had it MOT'd and on the road since I recomissioned it, and it passed its last MOT in November 2015. However a rear wheel cylinder has now seized up and it will not pass another one. The mileage listed is shown on the odometer, but cannot in anyway be verified. I honestly have no idea how many miles it has done in 38 years.

The vehicle is complete, but in poor condition. It has had lots of modifications in the time I have had it, and some done before I purchased the vehicle. The rear springs are heavy duty 10 leaf, and were presumably fitted when the hook was fitted. The Harvey Frost hook is NOT included with the vehicle. Everything else is as seen in photographs. It has an alternator converson fitted, and a SU electric fuel pump under the drivers seat. The original mechanical one is still fitted to the block but bypassed. Has Weber 34ICH carb fitted.Starts and runs first time, even after standing for 6 months without turning. Front tyres are very old, but have quite a bit of tread left they are Colways I think. Rear tyres are younger but still more than 10 years old, Wrangler AP with plenty of tread left on these too. 7.50x16 all round on LWB rims. Has retrofitted mirrors on the windscreen hinges, give excellent view to rear when towing. Rear lights were re-wired recently but main looms are all original. The steering box was rebuilt around 5 years ago when it failed.

Now for the some bad points! Paintwork and bodywork as you can see is dreadful. It was originally blue, but has been resprayed red, then bronze green, then Nato green. It will need completely stripping, respraying and quite a bit of undenting, however all the parts are there and the bulkhead and inner wings, rad panel etc. are all in good condition. I can see no major rot on the bulkhead, the tops, shoulders and outrigger mounts are all solid, though the footwells have been patched and could do with attention. Any restoration would involve a complete stripdown and the buklheads are easily repaired. The rear tub has definitly seen better days, the floor panel will need changing as it was cut about by whoever put the recovery hook in place, and I have had to patch the joint. The sides of the rear tub are creased and dented. Better I think to fit another tub in better condition. The rear crossmember is reasonably solid, however there has been patching to the rear chassis rails on several MOT's to pass, I suspect a new rear half chassis or replacement crossmember with extensions would be the best solution, as the rot keeps reappearing. Front of chassis is all solid. Moving inside the original seats and Smiths heater have long gone, the nearside seat is something unknown and far too high, the drivers seat I fitted is from a Bedford Midi van mounted to a custom frame which hinges up to allow access to fuel tank and pump. Middle seat is unusable. Steering wheel has been changed to one from a Trimuph PI 2500 but the leather is cracked and broken at the top. It has been taped up. Under the bonnet the master cylinder has been reconditioned and an alternator has been fitted, removing the original regulator box. The connections have been maintained at the regulator and one could be refitted and a dynamo replaced (why would you do this?). The engine has seen better days and is exhibiting some big end rumble under load, and top speed is down from the 70mph when I bought it to nearer 55mph. The water pump is leaking from the spindle and will need replacing, however it the engine does start up without any difficulty even after it has been unused for 3months plus. Gearbox and axles have never given any trouble, and as far as I know are original and all work fine, except the reverse detent springs on the gearlever itself, which have long gone. 2WD/4WD and low levers all work correctly.

To be honest I will be reluctant to see this go, but it is getting to the stage where it needs complete restoration and I simply do not have the time to restore another Series at present. I would like to see it go to a good home, but I will not accept silly offers. I know what they are worth both as a barn find and in good condition.

I strongly reccomend viewing before purchase. I can be contacted via email or on 07005 980949. Please be aware that I am unable to take calls at work until after 8pm, please call befor 11pm or at weekends.