Sunday 12 June 2016

Landrover lightweight project

Hi, this is my lightweight landrover. I bought this 2 years ago as a project but my cousin saw it and decided he would like it so I sold it to him. Anyways 2 years down the line he's admitted it is too much of a project for his limited mechanical knowledge so I've acquired it back. Right were to start... this is a 1973 12 volt 1/2ton lightweight fitted with a 2286cc petrol. It was previously owned by an elderly couple since the mid ninety and then lay parked up with them for many years until I bought it. At the time I fitted a new clutch master cylinder, a starter solenoid and some fresh petrol and she fired up and drove onto the trailer. As it stands it is a restoration project but will make a lovely vehicle when done a bonus being is it was demobbed in 1978 but the logbook states declared man 1973 so will be tax exempt when relicensing. It has been partly stripped so roof, rear tub seat box and floor panels had been removed but I have loosely tagged it back together. All nuts and bolts have been saved in white envelopes marked with there position to help the new owner. As you can see it is fitted with the very rare tropical roof and catflap back door although the glass is missing in the door. Body is very straight for its age and still holds many original features. Chassis is in need of repair mainly around the rear crossmember and fuel tank outriggers but is repairable. Bulkhead has some rot to the kick panels and footwells although a new footwell and two new kick panels are included. Top bulkhead is a little more worse for wear. Included are both fuel tanks. Rear bench seats. The spare wheel and the usually missing rear toolbox . As of yet I haven't tried to get it running as the fuel tanks are removed but I will try to start it off a bottle this week. Any questions please ask. There is a sensible reserve as this is here to sell. Logbooks is in my name, so grab yourself a great project. Cash on collection only.