Sunday 26 June 2016

1973 LAND ROVER Series 3 in original condition

Sellers Comments - We bought this beautiful original landrover series 3 in unrestored condition because it was so beautifully looked after mechanically, original and lovely to drive We looked at some which had had all the body finish/work done but our preference was to find a gem we could turn into our own little project. This car wasn't actually for sale, I approached the owner and convinced him to let us take good care of it if he sold to us. We used this car regularly for about 6 months (when I bought it the owner drove the 70 or so miles to deliver it to me so it shows the condition it's in ). One house move and a young baby later we acknowledge we aren't going to give this car the fun and airing it deserves! So very reluctantly we have decided to sell. My husband has taken some convincing that we will not get around to the project so to set expectations about offers..! We know quite a bit about the vehicles history. It was purchased by a farming family near Salisbury and used on the farm /equestrian purposes. It changed hands locally, and the chap we ended up purchasing it from was an archaeologist who had used it as intended, all off road works mostly on Salisbury plain and it has seen some wonderful experiences The entire car is original, no replacement panels or interior. It's a 2.3l petrol, Fairey overdrive, cab/ pick up with the roof cover as seen in picture. 100k plus miles. Tax exempt. I am by no means an expert , so please do email with questions and I'll do my best to answer them. Colour is a light blue/grey (original colour would have been blue, the seat belts are dark blue in colour ). It has been a working vehicle and has all the associated wear and tear as such, internally and externally. I took advice from one of the top landrover restoration companies (we had intended to use them for our project) and they described the car as honest. There were no advisory notes on the last MOT and based on lots of questions can confirm we checked the bulkhead (where windscreen meets is I understand the common weak spot) and there were no issues or visible rust. We have had this car off the road for over 2 years but have started a few times, and always starts perfectly for age of vehicle. It is in need of MOT and we will discuss with interested buyers. The gearbox is really easy and well looked after, it's easy to drive ( particularly compared to some we test drove ). There are lots of honest photos available and you would be welcome to come and look at it. prefer experienced buyers only, given nature of the vehicle, interested parties only no offers. We are a private seller and also unable to offer part exchange for obvious reasons. After a few enquiries I have attached further pictures. As you can see this is barn stored and ideally I would have washed etc before the photos but in terms if timing etc. You'll see that it's in genuine condition. I'm no expert but the exhaust looks new, was prior to our purchase. Everything else is all original, all bodywork etc. I should also have said that I have supporting paperwork for history. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I'll do my best to answer! Thank you for your interest , genuine ebayer please check out my feedback. We are located just outside of stockbridge in Hampshire