Friday 17 June 2016


This 1971 (tax except) Land Rover was the subject of a full body-off restoration. New parts fitted inc. Galvanised Richards chassis, side door tops, rear door skin,rear tub floor & cross bearers, all door windscreen & window seals,front floor panels, mud shields & steering box cover,fuel tank,shock absorbers, spring bushes, front swivel seals, axle oil seals & bearings, 'U' bolts, brake shoes, all cylinders inc. master, copper brake piping, new under seat too box, all new door locks and ignition switch,steering relay, halogen head lights & side maker and flasher lamps, wiring harness,battery, radiator & hoses, prop shaft universal joints, all track rod ends, two rear tyres. The following were o/hauled/refurnished/renovated: main bulkhead, brake servo,heater matrix, speedometer serviced and calibrated, high ratio differentials fitted, steering box, front axle free wheel hubs, gearbox & transfer box, windscreen, rear tow bar, front bumper all re-galvanised. The vehicle was re-painted using enamel coach paint, 2 coats of u/coat and 2 of gloss finish. The engine has been left as was, as it was an ex Army re-build, and starts first time, has good consistent compression, runs smoothly & quietly and has good torque. Is happy to cruise at 55/60 mph, and with the servo assisted brakes gives confidence to drive. The current MOT has 1 advisory of a small crack in a front tyre, but not significant at this time. I've much enjoyed the whole renovation process and use over the last 2 years, but now need to sell to fund the next project.