Thursday 30 June 2016

1967 Land Rover Series 2a 88" SWB Diesel, Tax Exempt, Overdrive Gearbox

Welcome to my auction for my old Land Rover SWB Diesel with and Overdrive Gearbox and Freewheel hubs. A very desirable specification series Land Rover that is awaiting restoration or refurbishment. I purchased the car a couple of years ago with all good intentions to restore it but, alas, life gets in the way and I have decided to spend my time restoring my 1967 Land Rover Dormobile instead. The vehicle has never run in my ownership but it was believed to be functioning when it was parked up. The overdrive gearbox is complete and fitted, which will certainly help keep the old girl a bit more relaxed when cruising the lanes. The freewheel hubs are fitted and rotate as they should. A truck cab is enhanced with the addition of a very agricultural home made truck bed cover. It may not be a pretty accessory but your Collie will not escape and, should a nuclear war break out, you could use it as a blast shelter! The chassis is pretty good and may only need localised repairs. The car is fairly complete but does have a series three 2 1/4 petrol bulkhead, dash and wings fitted. The bulkhead needs repairs in the usual places but is not a lost cause. The wiring loom will need work as it has been cut during replacement. The bulkhead and wings are just loosely assembled and will need securing before transport. I have not bolted it all on as the lucky new owner may well decide to source the correct series 2a bulkhead and front panels. The V5c is in my name, is present with the Land Rover and shows the Historic Vehicle taxation class. Basically, I consider this to be a sound basis for a restoration project and, whilst it is not roadworthy at present, it will make a fantastic and desirable classic Land Rover when it is completed. I had contemplated stripping it to sell the overdrive box, freewheel hubs and truck cab separately from the vehicle as it would undoubtedly make more money that way. However, I think this lovely old Land Rover deserves better than being scattered all over the country and you have ten months to get her back on the road for her 50th birthday!