Wednesday 15 June 2016

Land Rover series 2 NOT series 2a totally original MOT & TAX EXEMPT

This is a Landrover series 2 and NOT series 2a

I am excited to present this amazing and rare series of Landrover.
Its engine, body and parts are all original and it work brilliantly for its age.

It is very well kept and it has been regularly maintained.
The best part is that only 500 of this series were made and this one is number 313.

It has 7 previous owners and the last owner had it for 12 years.
When I got my hands on the Landrover I considered myself very lucky especially after seeing how well was kept and maintained by the last owner.
It was use on a countryside and it looked amazing .

However , I must sell it as I cannot keep it for financial reasons.
I looked into restoration pathway but I just can’t support that kind of project due to my current work commitments.

So whoever gets this beauty , I am sure will very much enjoy it.