Thursday 4 June 2015

1973 LAND ROVER 88" PICK UP - 4 CYL BLACK/SILVER - No Reserve - Location Worcester

Land Rover 88"pickup 4 cylinder heavy oil with galvanized detachable back This is a great example of a classic Land Rover pick up.

Sellers Comments

Good points:

The garage remarked on what good condition the chassis was in, and that alone can fetch several hundred pounds!

At the end of the day, it won't take much cash to get this old girl on the road.

The body work is in very good condition for the age and has always started and been reliable.

Very distinctive looking.
Bad points:

There isn't any Tax or MOT on the vehicle, and we did put her through an MOT last week, and she failed on the following:

1. Direction indicators flashing less than 60 times per minute

2. Parking brake has no reserve travel

3. Steering locking device insecure

4. Near side rear brake drum contaminated by oil 

5. Offside rear tyre has cut in excess of requirements

So, nothing hideously major and nothing really unexpected due to length of time off the road.

There were also a couple of advisories, which included that the tyres would need replacing at some point.