Sunday, 17 January 2016

Landrover series 3 Lightweight

Sellers Comments - Its time to sell my military lightweight. I have owned this car for 19 years - 18 of which the car has been dry stored in my garage - the car was driven in there with an MOT. I have been meaning to restore it for many years but its just not going to happen. The photos dont do it any justice - I believe the chassis to be solid as well as the bulkhead - the foot wells will need replacing, but the rest of it is good. The car is all original and complete with a canvas hood (the only things missing are the rear light lenses) I would highly recommend that you come and view the car before bidding so that you know what your getting yourself into. I will clear all the crap off/out of it so you can see it properly. I will be available all next weekend for viewing - the car is in a small garage with no lights or windows so bring a torch and be prepared to get dirty - there are spiders living there that are older than me - Ive warned you!

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