Friday 22 January 2016

Land Rover Defender Sump / Steering Guard Monsta 4x4 MA049

Land Rover Defender Sump / Steering Guard
Suitable for all Defender models
Part Number: MA049
A sump guard is a must have for any off roader.
Monsta 4x4 Branded
Manufactured from 7mm aluminium plate with 6mm zinc plated steel brackets.
"Monsta 4x4" is a new brand of off road accessories developed by Foundry 4x4 Ltd. We had noticed a reduction in the quality of some accessories as the number of overseas manufactured items increased. We decided to address this problem and go back to the drawing board with our engineers to improve or redesign items, as well as develop new products. Cost was not the deciding factor in our designs, quality and "fit for purpose" was our primary objective. All our accessories are manufactured in the UK so we can control all quality issues. We believe you get what you pay for. We have not hiked prices - we believe in providing quality, well engineered products at realistic prices.