Monday 4 January 2016

Land Rover Series 1 - Barn Find 1958

Sellers Comments -  1958 88" inch wheelbase land rover series one , as you can see its a restoration 
project , i rescued this from a farm local to me where it had been standing for some years
its an ex trailer and has some period mods still fitted

ENGINE is a series 3 unit , has had a lot of money spent on it in the past , it does run with fresh 
petrol and some bypassing of the wiring, it will need new plugs/points ect ....

GEARBOX is from a series 2a , it does move and at the very least 1st and reverse move the vehicle

AXLES are both series 2a , i have not had the drums off so do not know the condition , 
one of the mods are strenthened cases and guards welded to the diff pans to glance off rocks

BODYWORK is in reasonable condtion , , the doors are exellent , the rear tub did have 
damage but is mostly straight , inside is all good and the bulkhead is very good only needing 
minor repairs , the wings are reasonable but not brilliant and the drivers is missing its skin, 
there are roof sticks present but no roof, the rollcage has been removed and is not available

I do have some history including the trialing logbook with pictures from years ago , 
mileage on MOT database showing 12,000 miles if i rember correctly but will check that

this vehicle is not drivable as clutch cylinder is leaking , have started it in gear
 to move it and it does move by itself , no seized wheels, the steering box is not fully fitted 
but if i have time i will do this before buyer collects , if not its easy enough to move

the vehicle is currently in RED , the white pictures are taken from the front of the 
trials logbook to give you an idea of what it was

any questions please ask