Saturday 23 January 2016

1952 Gendarmerie Police Series One 80 Classic Land Rover Barn Find Restoration Ex-Belgium Police Land Rover -Collectors Item Rare Find

Sellers Comments - For sale: land rover series 1 80 inch LHD One of the batch 2663-vehicles that was sent to belgium as CKD-vehicles. Used by the belgian police/gendarmerie. This would make a great restoration project. A very Rare find and one for the true collector Details : 5 wheels dated '51, so an early 1952 model. Every bodypanel has traces of the original dark blue paint, although it got painted over with some kind of green paint, would be possible to remove the green paint and keep the patinated blue layer. The condition of the panels is reasonable, although the left front wing has got a dent that was masked a bit with bodyfiller. Some details as u can see in the pictures are typical for the gendarmerie vehicles, so is the heavy duty canvas frame with four brackets so the policemen in the back had something to hold on. A first aid kit and holder, a search light hole underneath front windscreen, some remainings of drop down number plate bracket, two little flag brackets at windscreen hinges, and so on. The bulkhead isnt in the best shape, some optional non original holes where cut through for extra gauges, buttons and big hole for an old aftermarket heater that i removed. A very skilled welder could maybe get it refurbished. The rear crossmember is a non original one (could be replaced with a Radfords rear crossmember), and the front bumper is welded onto the chassis, so this would need a minor repair. As u can see the steering wheel isnt original, but an original one is supplied with the vehicle. It has correct paperwork for a 6/7 seater, so the rear seats can be used, it is not a commercial two seater. Under the bonnet it has a Peugeot Indenor diesel, connected to the original series 1 gearbox. The engine is loose, u can turn it over by hand, although condition is unknown and not working atm as the electrics need many work to be done. Vehicle is located near ypres in Belgium, which is about 1h15 from calais. Payment cash on collection

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