Monday 18 January 2016

1971 Series IIa Petrol / LPG SWB Hard top Land Rover - For Sale £3750

Sellers Comments - A 1971 late model SWB Series IIa Land Rover with Maltese Cross front panel and headlights in the wings. Apart from the LPG conversion with certification from an UKLPG certificated installer, twin LPG tanks mounted on wheel arches in the rear tub, the vehicle is in original and unmolested condition. No checker plate, no sun roofs cut into the hard top roof, or CB aerials. The vehicle is just as it should be even down to having it's original starting handle clipped behind the front seats. The vehicle has been very well maintained and has clearly had good money spent on it over the years. It has even had a professional respray. A previous owner was a Doctor. The odometer reads 31,000 miles and that could possibly be genuine as previous MOTs show it has covered less than 5,000 miles in the previous ten years. It's relative lack of use hid a problem that it had. No oil in the front axle casing. I bought it last year in Walton on Thames and drove it back home to the Wirral. I got as far as near Banbury on the M40 when the front axle locked up ,their was an enormous crash, and the front differential disintegrated. It clearly had not been a problem to anybody driving it before me as they had not driven it far enough for it to be an issue. I managed to nurse it home with difficulty as did not have the tools to hand to remove the front prop shaft. Because I had driven it that way I did not want to just change the diff as little bits of metal could have worked their way into other parts of the axle casing. I decided the thing to do was to completely rebuild the axle, that is just to keep the axle casing and to replace everything else. I sourced a replacement Series IIa front axle which came from an abandoned restoration project . The axle had been rebuilt with new swivels etc but never fitted to the vehicle. I intended for the sake of originality to rebuild the original axle with the bits from the other rather than to just swap the axles which would have been much easier. Unfortunately I then through no fault of my own lost my storage and place to work on it so I have been using it with the front prop shaft removed as a two wheel drive vehicle. It works very well that way and for general road driving works better that way than it would with the front prop shaft in place. It passed an MOT that way too. I have not been well recently and have decide to pass it on to someone else. The replacement front axle with new swivels will be supplied with the vehicle and the the new owner could rebuild the axle as I intended or could just swap the axles which would not take more than a couple of hours. The horse box is not included in the sale but the galvanised roof rack is if the purchaser would like it. I insist on any prospective purchaser coming to see and test the vehicle for themselves. Their is no warranty and no returns. Payment by cash on collection please. Please telephone to make an appointment to view. 07715364789.

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