Monday, 4 January 2016

1982 SWB 88 Land Rover

Sellers Comments
A 1982 SWB 88 Land Rover for sale.

This was brought for my wife as a birthday present in November, but she now wants a later model so it needs to go to make room for a newer version.

The last owner gave it a light restoration where the cab has been removed and every nut and bolt replaced.
It's had a respray inside and out and there's a spare tin of paint that will go with it for touch ups.  It's not the best paint job Iv'e seen but it is definitely presentable.
I have had other classics so I'm quite fussy with paint jobs.

The seats are all good, with no rips.
There are no dents and all the panels look straight, the underside looks good with photos showing a restoration taking place on that.
But there are some small holes and gaps, which is reflected in the price, it is a 33 year old Land Rover.

The chap I brought it from, who was a engineer, replaced the exhaust and did the following:
He put new wing tops on.
New master clutch cylinder fitted.
New plugs and leeds.
All new halogen bulbs all round .
New seat belts.
New fuel tank and new fuel sender.
Genuine Land Rover rear mud flaps.
New thermostat and gaskets.
New heater valve fitted this month.
New front and rear shock absorbers and new all terrain heavy load suspension kit fitted.
New clamps all round.
New battery.
All the side lamps look new.
New wipers arms and blades.
New front door locks fitted.
New choke cable fitted this month.
All new lift spacers kit to rear.
The foot wells have been replaced with new panels.
New light kit.
New solenoid starter.
All new bulkhead rubber seals.
New fan belt.
There's loads more receipts of parts that have been replaced, to much to list.

It's just had a fresh oil change and a radiator flush with new anti freeze added, and the engine has just had a tune up so it runs like a clock with no unsightly knocks.
It doesn't use any oil or water and there's no blue smoke from the exhaust when starting cold or when warmed up.

The head has been taken off and everything checked over, I have photos of the work carried out with receipts for new timing chains and new head gaskets fitted.
Its just had a new MOT in November with no advisories and the speedo is showing just 6000 miles but I have no proof of paper work for this, only what the last owner told me when they rebuilt it.

All in all this is a good little Land Rover taking into account that its a 33 year old truck. It starts on the button and runs well, and it turns heads and gets lots of attention.
I've been driving it about on 20 mile trips over the past few weeks and it performs well as you would expect from a lady of this age. 
It's got a set of roll bars that will come with it and 4 extra rims and tyres.

I have been as honest as I can be with this sale any questions please email me. However I am NOT a mechanic or a car tinkerer.  But I will do my best to answer any questions.
There's a large file of receipts to go with the Land Rover.
Anyone with more than 5 negative feed backs will have their bids removed unless they have emailed me first.

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