Thursday 21 January 2016


Sellers Comments - 1965 SERIES 2 LANDROVER FOR AUCTION WHICH RUNS BUT WILL NEED WORK CALL ME FOR DETAILED DESCRIPTION. THE VEHICLE SEEMS VERY GOOD FOR AGE AND CHASSIS APPEARS SOLID ALTHOUGH I HAVE NOT HAD IT ON A RAMP YET. We have just had this 1965 series 2 land rover arrive today and are putting it up for auction as we have bought it. The bulkhead seems fine and the body in general looks fine although please call if you need to know in depth the condition as I have not yet had time to look it over thoroughly. The land rover starts runs and drives although the brakes don't work so you can't go to fast in it (handbrake works fine) but i really don't think they will take much sorting out. The v5 will have to be applied for by the new owner as it isn't present due to being lost by the previous owner. the chassis tag has been painted over but the number is still visible and can be provided for anyone who would like to do any checks. If this bothers you please don't bid. Full receipt will be given from my business for the vehicle and there is nothing to hide here. I am a genuine bloke see my other vehicles for sale. That's about all I can tell you for now unless you call me on the number below. This vehicle will need transporting. IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO VIEW THE CAR THEN PLEASE DO SO AS YOU ARE BIDDING TO BUY.