Thursday 27 August 2015

Land Rover Series 2 1966 Tax exempt. Galvanised Chassis. Overdrive.

Here for sale is my trusty Series 2 that I've had the pleasure of owning for the last 5 years! It'll be a shame to sell and everyone tells me not to but unfortunately I fancy moving onto something else and it just sits in my garage not really getting the love and attention it needs. It certainly isn't a show winner, please take time to look at the photo's that I've put up and viewing is obviously more than welcome, bear with me though as I have a pretty hectic schedule!

I can write about it all day so I thought I'd just summarise its good points below..

Bad Points:

Bodywork is pretty rough and there isn't many straight panels on her. They all have some sort of character adding dent on them,,

It won't come with the white 8 spoke wheels as in the photos. It'll come with standard series 2 SWB rims with BFGoodrich Trac Edge tyres. Wheels are solid but scruffy.

General interior is a tad scruffy.

Bulkhead is solid with many new repair panels but isn't the neatest of bulkheads.

Good Points:

New Richards Galvanised chassis which I purchased and put on. I would new to check but I doubt its even done 1000miles since its been built on it. Etch primed and Sprayed black.

Very nice 2.25 petrol engine, starts well, runs well and burns very little oil. It has a 8:1 head fitted and Zenith carb which makes it pull surprisingly well for what it is.

Fairey Overdrive. Engages and Disengages nicely. Slight whine when engaged but I think they all do?!

Obviously Tax Exempt due to is age (1966).

Mot'ed until December 2015.