Sunday 2 August 2015


She is a 1958 series 2 I have been told the first year of the series 2 which is quite rare, it is tax and mot exempt, I only originally bought it to run around in whilst I was looking for a new pick up truck unexpectedly I became very fond of the old girl she is my first land rover and only for sale as I have no garage at the moment and I don't want to see her sat for years while I set about building a garage to restore her in.  I purchased her in 2009 off a good friend of mine who is land rover mad he bought it off someone he knew who I believe was selling because he was emigrating.  These are the 3 owners on the V5 since June 1958 it has a 2.5 Sherpa diesel engine which has been very reliable it has always smoked, I drove her here when I moved home 2 Christmas's ago but now she refuses to start at all so now she is a non runner I did fully intend to restore her and even purchased a 200 tdi engine from a defender to put in her which can be purchased separately if required.  She has a series 3 gear box which is not fantastic I was going to replace it, axles, brakes, etc all ok I was going to use the original chassis as it is so good it needs a very easy repair to the rear cross member to make it sound it didn't seem justifiable to buy a galvanised chassis when this one is so good.  The bulk head is also pretty good its had a couple of poor repairs where your feet go I was going to cut these out and repair properly the doors are past their sell by date and need replacing  there is one new door top included also a split window screen and some spare wheels and tyres.
The interior has also passed its sell by date but she does have a good fairy overdrive and free wheeling hubs so I have tried to cover everything.  You are welcome to contact me if you want to come and view or any questions but to put it in a nutshell for repairs or total restoration, she does need a lot of work but it will be worth it.  I won't be sad if she doesn't sell she will just have to wait for her restoration.

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