Sunday 30 August 2015


Sellers Comments Welcome to my auction for my 1959 Landrover Series 2 petrol. I have owned this for about 10 years and had the intention of sticking a V8 in it and using it as a fun vehicle. The trouble is a 90 came along and this poor old girl was left at the top of the garden. I did a lot of work on the chassis but from what I can see it would need the rear cross member and both front dumb irons replaced at the very least although from what I can remember the rest seemed structurally sound. I had contemplated changing the chassis but that would destroy the history of the vehicle. As you can see it was first registered in 1977 hence the S registration and the log book also says it was rebuilt- assembled from parts some or all which were not new. I do have a letter from the heritage trust confirming the Chassis number relates to a chassis manufactured in October 1959. I don't know any other history but presume it was imported or ex military or just built up in 1977 on an old chassis. It is classed as a historic vehicle so it tax and MOT free!!! I have replaced the leaf springs with parabolic springs and changed the brake cylinders several years ago and also replaced the outer front wings, drivers door bottom and radiator. It starts and moves under its own steam but really needs a total rebuild or at least chassis repairs, brakes, engine service and possibly gearbox rebuild. It is 56 years old so basically you wont be able to drive it home, there may be bits missing but its generally all there and in not totally falling to bits. It comes with the split rear door where the top part lifts up. Apparently quite rare. It was last mot'ed in 2003. The only reason I have decided to sell it is because I just don't have the time to give it the attention it needs and hate to see it rusting away although if it does not sell it will be driven back up the top of the garden and left for another 10 years!! I have seen these fetching crazy money when fully restored! I guess it would be best to come and have a look at it before you bid but I am happy to honestly answer any questions about the condition of the truck although I think the pictures give you a good idea! If you do bid and you win, it is to buy and not just have a look. I have the V5 in my name. I would prefer cash on collection and clearly this is collection only and it will need to be trailered away. I have this listed elsewhere so have the right to remove at any point.

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