Sunday 30 August 2015

1971 Tax Free SWB Series LAND ROVER 88" Diesel Truck Cab Overdrive Long MOT

Sellers Comments - For sale my SWB 1971 Road Tax free land rover with overdrive and long MOT. Its a truck cab at the moment (half height back door) which means in an hour you can unbolt the roof and door tops and you've got a full convertible. She has had 4 brand new expensive road biased tyres fitted at the last MOT (over £400 alone). Freewheeling hubs. The old girl has obviously had a new replacement chassis at some stage as you can see from the underside photos. The front spring hangers have had some welding more recently and in an ideal world although they are solid I'd be inclined to get them replaced as new ones are only around £85 a pair and it would leave the underside in very good order. The rear crossmember and all the nasty places that these can go is in very good order (again see the pics). The car starts and drives well for one of these (I've had 5 or 6 and this is a very good one). The only reason for sale is I'm having a clear out to spend on new roof and getting my other Landy back on the road (which won't be for sale!!). The bulkhead is in very sound order as are the footwells. As is often the case the much thinner metal area on the inside of the bulkhead has had a little rust in the area around the dash/vents and could do with a coat of hammerite to keep it from progressing. There is no radio other than the period Roberts Radio which I'd guess has been used in the car since new- only mono and LW/MW from its little speaker I'm afraid but at least you can pick up the shipping forecast and the cricket. So, if you know what you are looking at here these old girls and going through the roof in value at the moment with Landrover stopping production of the Defenders. Its dead cheap motoring with spares very cheap and easily found. The road tax is obviously free. I'm 48, live in South West London and she costs me less than £90 a year to insure with Adrian Flux on a limited 3,000 miles PA policy. With the overdrive in and cruising at 45mph it will happily do 30mpg being the diesel (the petrol ones while a little smoother do well to get over 20mpg in my experience. She's not new, she's 45 years old. Some of the paintwork is original, a lot has been repainted over the years and there are areas which could do with new paint now (like the inside of the doors). She won't win any concourse prizes but she gets a load of smiles from passers by and you'll be grinning as you potter around too. Cash sale (or half of the money goes to my ex) from Surbiton in Surrey. I'm letting the auction run unless you have very deep pockets. The lucky buyer will need to arrange collection from my house within 7 days from close of the auction having transfered over £100 deposit within an hour of the sale end to prove you are genuine.

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