Sunday 9 August 2015

1958 Series one 88" PROJECT ex MoD - For Sale - £2750 - Make An Offer

1958 Series One 88"

Ex MoD

Relisted due to overseas bidder not being able to pay or collect! :-(

Recently dragged out of a French field where it's sat unloved for the best part of 30 years. It is most definitely a project. It comes with no docs but the original chassis plate is still present and the numbers readable.

Complete with original wheels, engine, gearbox & axles

It looks to have been originally Military or Ministry of Supply as it has a military chassis, military towing socket and original 50's military towing jaw. Interestingly it is a Truck Cab but looks to have had a factory fit hard top sides grafted on. The worksmanship is superb and matches the rest of the roof, so I suspect it's original too. The previous owner recalls it's original UK reg starting SXF but I can't confirm that. So more digging needed but looks to have had a very interesting history. It's been 30 years in France, approx 10 in the Channel Islands, and UK originally.

The bulkhead is virtually non existent and the front panel nearly as bad. remarkably the chassis is in incredibly good order and will only need very minor repair. The rear crossmember and outriggers appear totally solid!

Mechanically speaking I have no idea about the engine & gearbox as it was left parked in gear and still is! I've removed the front prop to get the wheels turning and am attempting to do the same with the rear one! All tyres are flat & u/s but the wheels are original.

May consider a deal with another old Landy, quite fancy a Series 2A, or 110, 109 or Jeep