Tuesday 11 August 2015


Seller Comments -This is a great off road vehicle and has been so much fun is a very reluctant sale but due to work and other commitments I just don't have the time and more to use it so it sits on the drive more than it gets used. This 90 comes with quite a bit of stuff on it and like I said its ready to go off road straight away. 1200lb front winch with synthetic rope 1200lb rear winch with steel rope Rear winch controls inside vehicle Tubular from & rear bumper 2 inch lift Front & rear dislocation cones Rear cranked arms Ply lined in rear with carpeted floor Side panels are covered in cloth Full swead roof lining front to rear Snorkel fully sealed Front spot lights Front led light bar that works on side lights and full beam Rear led marker lights on side lights Rear led loading lights 2 x brand new front wheel bearings just fitted 33 12.50 15 wheels and tyres Panhard bushes needs replacing but comes with the bushes. I also have the rest of the nylon bush kit but they just need fitting My plan was to get this truck fully done and painted but like I said just don't have the time.