Wednesday 12 October 2016

Land Rover Series 3 - Tax Exempt Galvanised

Genuine 1972 Very Early Series 3 Tax Exempt- Historic Vehicle
Owned by me since April 2009
Galvanised Chassis - with removeable Gearbox crossmember !
Galvanised front Panel
Good Bulkhead - just a few small repairs by previous owners
300 Series Landrover Engine Fitted several years ago - without Turbo
Series 2a Gearbox - ie no synchro between 1st and 2nd
Fairey Overdrive
MOTd until 07/09/2017 - 2 advisories - track rod end (so this was done the day after the MOT) and front tyres close to legal limit - so new tyres fitted.
Has the much sought after Goodyear Xtra Grip "Humming Tyres" fitted now - took alot of effort to find them
Recent new snail heater blower and heaterbox/matrix
Lots of other new bits
Military lights fitted - much better than the Britpart cheap plasctic ones that melt.....
Doesnt need anything
Engine was out of a Discovery and had 96k on it - its done 9k since - engine number matches V5 Logbook
Timing belt changed at time of MOT for peace of mind
All gears and 4wd hi/lo work well with no funny noises and no jumping out of gear
Heavy Duty Canvas hood from Exmoor trim approx 18 months old - so all good
I spent last weekend doing all of the oils - ie Engine and filter, Gearbox/Transfer/Overdrive, front and read diffs, steering box
It does not leak oil everywhere like some - the patch on the ground where its parked is from me changing the engine oil filter.  I also changed the fuel filter and engine breathers
Its an honest landy and ill be sorry to see her go - but my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumoutr a few months ago and I had to get a van to get a wheelchair in
It has a World War 2 Ammo box in the back to keep things in - probably worth a bob or two...
Had a stereo with USB fitted - speakers in back
Its an old Landy and its nearly as old as me so there are always bits and bobs that need doing
If you  have never driven one before think twice before bidding - then have another think!  They rattle, shake, theyre noisy and slow,
Please do not mess me around - Ive got far more important things to deal with a present.