Sunday 23 October 2016

Land Rover Series 1 - 80 inch - 1950

Land rover Series 1 80inch 1950 (no chassis number or any form of car ID)
This was converted to an off road trailer in the late 80s, it was modified for competition use (see pics).
I was given the opportunity to bring her back to a standard 80inch, however things have not really worked out and I have lost interest in the project. Unfortunately the old girl does not have any Chassis ID or Reg number.
I stripped the whole thing down refurbished and repaired the chassis with two new front dumb irons, engine/gearbox main cross member. Over the years it has been welded in many places these have been checked and cleaned up.
The rear Tub is an original 80, the seat box is from original car, steering box is later series 2, springs are wide series 2 parabolic (new), Fuel tank original series1 80 but needs repairing with all parts(filling tube, cap, pipe feed).
Front wings, rad panel and bonnet from Series1 radiator is original.
New headlights, indicators, side lights
Bulk head has been completely rebuilt from two bulk heads now perfect (well almost).
Axles Front is series 1, rear is series 2/3 with 1950 Diff.
Doors series 1 80 no handles outside.
Tailgate series 1 
Only one seat back, no other seats, no door tops hood or sticks
All new brake pipes fitted with series 2 master cylinder small bore pipes with later brake wheel cylinders and a servo mounted under seat box.
Gearbox original 80 from original car, Has oil leaks, all working but not had it up to road speed.
Prop shafts have been refurbished with new UJs.
Engine is Ford Essex 3.0L V6, runs but not perfect.
This Land rover series 1 is 95% complete needs finishing or using as spares. I am not sure if it can be registered without a chassis ID of some kind. 
I would recommend viewing its to good to break up really and just for spare parts it worth in the region of £4000 min.
call me Guy on 07776207536 to discuss further and arrange a viewing.