Sunday 23 October 2016

1969 Series 2a SWB Land rover

For sale a tidy Historic vehicle (no RFL required) just gone through an MOT after a minor renovation work carried out
Rebuilt tub
Chassis welding top of (chassis between tub)
Chassis cleaned down rustproofed,re-painted, and re-coated in protector
Cab tidy up, new Gauges, seats and seat belts
Note from photo a working heater! with ducting to screen.
Engine oil system flushed and filter changed
Engine cooling system flushed and refilled with inhibitor
All  of the transmission drained and flushed refilled
New wheel bearings (Front )
Tyres at 85% (all same make)
In summary, to finish of, it just requires a good paint job, currently there are no rusty, seized nuts and bolts, no corrosion in body or chassis.
I cant say if the mileage is correct but the vehicle as been a airfield tug since 2010