Sunday 22 May 2016

Land Rover Defender TD5 110 Station wagon monster really stands out Px wrangler

LR Challenge 4x4 This is our demo truck, its been great but time to have a change. This defender is totally different, you can expect comments from people everywhere you go. This looks Mega Its a 2000 model X Reg Defender 110 TD5 County Currently has 6 seats, we have a bench seat for the rear to made an 8 Seater if required Has Covered 185000 on the clock, But since we bought this trucks its had a bottomless pit of money thrown at it, not much of the standard truck we bought is left. When we first took owner ship of this defender it was a green original example, Being Land Rover Parts and accessory dealers we've changed most bits, we need a reliable truck so we've just renewed bits just in case. Bits we've done, - Its had a Full Respray in Pearl Orange which shines, the ipad photos do not do justice - A puma style bonnet - 2" lift kit terrafirma Medium Load - Terrafirma Wide Arches - Man Tec Spare Wheel Carrier - 35" wheels and tyres on offset rims - Brand New Radiator Custom made for extra Cooling - Larger Intercooler - Alive Tuning Stage 2 map. this has a £700 alive tning remap, with all stage 2 extras should be 180/190 horse power - Straight through Exhaust ( reasonably loud ) - Full LED lights - Led Head lights - Led Roof Light - Led Rear Lights - Led Front spot lights - Winch Bumper - 13000LB Poly Rope Winch - Full custom Leather with the LR Challenge 4x4 logo on full height rear seats rather than the standard half height. Just had New Clutch and gearbox, with higher ratio transfer box so will do 80 mph with ease. we have spent a fortune on this truck, its somewhere near the point where i want it, but being a Land Rover still has many jobs that can be bettered but over all it look great. this is one you have to see. Condition, The Paintwork is in good condition really does shine, rear door has bubbled The Chassis has been undersealed, its solid, but is 16 years old Drives really well for a defender, even with straight through exhaust, drivers nice, we do a fair few Land Rover show etc so had to be able to handle motorway pace etc Currently need to nip it past alive tuning as weave just put a new fuel pump on and its obviously performing better than the predecessor messed up the map a little.

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