Friday 27 May 2016

HPI - Check - 20% Off Voucher Code - HPIMAY2016 - Valid to 30th June

What is an HPI Check®?

The HPI Check® is perhaps the single most important check you will do before you buy a used car and should be your first line of defence against unscrupulous fraudsters.
As well as confirming if a vehicle has outstanding finance, is recorded as stolen, has a mileage discrepancy or has previously been written off, the HPI Check® confirms many other details, including the make, model, colour and engine size. A C02 rating and valuation are also included where available.
The HPI Check® is the most comprehensive and up-to-date car history check on the market. As pioneers of the vehicle history check service, we are relentless in our mission to gather the most accurate information about the history of UK vehicles. When it comes to buying a used car the HPI check® can give you the confidence to make a sound decision.
We obtain our data from multiple sources, including but not limited to; the Police, DVLA, finance houses, insurance companies and the National Mileage Register which now has more than 200 million mileage readings recorded. The quality of our data is second to none and we back this up with a £30,000 data guarantee* to give you complete peace of mind.
HPI Check® is a trademark owned by HPI Ltd. Not all car history checks are HPI Checks. If you want a car history check carried out by experts, always insist on an HPI Check® and look for the official HPI logo.
We were the first to introduce this invaluable service and we have been checking vehicle histories for over 75 years now. Over that time we have built a solid reputation and our many years of experience in the industry means the HPI Check®, in our opinion, is the premium vehicle history check.