Tuesday 3 May 2016

1966 Series 2a 109 safari - Restoration Project

Here for sale is a 1966 series 109 genuine safari... I bought if off my parents neighbour along with a range rover classic, he is moving house and no longer wants it. It's been stood for for a good 15+ year. It will require a full rebuild/restoration onto a new chassis as it is fairly rotten... but still in one pice. The body is in great shape and is fully saveable. I was going to brake her for parts but I'd rather see it go to someone who will love to get her back on the road. I would do it my self but i have a big land rover project on the go. Off the top of my head it had only done 40000 odd miles but I'd have to confirm this later.. I will be pulling her out over the next week and giving it a bit of a clean up.. Cash on collection