Monday 30 May 2016

BRAND NEW 1.5W 12V Solar Trickle Car Battery Charger PS-A015

BRAND NEW PS-A015 1.5W solar trickle car battery charger

Item Description:

This product is a solar trickle charger for 12V batteries, which helps to manage battery drain in all seasons. Can be used for cars or applications where a 12 Volt battery is used. Batteries naturally drain power, especially in cold conditions. And if allowed to go flat, may never regain their full power. Please ensure that you fully read the instructions before installing the product, and retain them for future reference.

In some makes of vehicle, the cigarette lighter may not operate when the ignition is turned off. In such cases, you can connect directly on to the battery using the alligator battery clamps and cable provided. Please NOTE that the black lead indicates negative (-) and the red lead indicates positive (+). Ensure you connect to the correct battery terminals, if in doubt check with your local garage.

  • Assemble the suction cups onto the charger
  • The charger can now be attached to the inside or outside of the car windshield.
  • Connect the main cable to either the cigarette lighter socket or directly to the battery
  • Alternatively, you can wall mount using the keyhole slots on the rear of the charger

As long as there is sufficient sunlight available, the charger will produce an electrical current to trickle charge your battery. An LED is located in the edge of the case, this will flash blue whenever the battery is receiving charge. 

the charger will not damage or over-charge your battery. Similarly, a blocking diode ensures that the charger cannot flatten your battery. Please not that the charger is designed to top-up battery charge as a result of natural drainage. It is not interned to recharge a battery that has fully discharged.


You must disconnect the charger from your cigarette lighter or battery when starting you engine or driving. Electrical surges from the car engine when starting and running may damage your charger.


Some vehicles have tinted windows that will seriously affect the performance of your charger if it is positioned behind them. for optimum charging the unit should be placed outside the vehicle in direct sunlight.

For further information please refer User Manual inside box

1. Keep your battery topped up with solar power,
even if the weather is overcast or dull
2. Ideal for cars, caravans, boats etc.
3. Interchangeable connectors: cigarette lighter
plug and crocodile clips
4. Blue flashing LED charge indicator
5. Durable ABS outer casing
6. Built-in diode prevents reverse charging
7. 4x Suction cups for easy mounting

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