Friday 18 September 2015

Series 2a Land Rover 1967

Parting with my 2.25L Petrol 1967 Series 2a Land Rover. MOT'd until August 2016. Believed to be ex-military due to green paint in the wheel arches, twin fuel tanks, rear axle reinforcement and the vehicle originally being a ragtop roof variant. The Land Rover was first registered on 1/10/1967, making it tax exempt. I bought the vehicle in 2007 from a couple in Leicestershire where she drove the vehicle daily (a short distance to work) and he used the vehicle for shooting on the weekend (hence the checker plating on the wings). Under my ownership it has been used for jobs like collecting firewood and travelling in snowy weather. Total mileage is 83024 which appears genuine based on 6000 miles coming in the last 11 years, MOT evidence of this available.


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