Wednesday 23 September 2015

Landrover series 2a swb diesel Landrover series 11a swb diesel soft top

Seller Comments - Series 11a, swb, diesel, soft top, lovely landrover, one of the best i have driven, i would drive this vehicle from Cornwall to Scotland,if i had a week!!! its totaly reliable in the time i have owned it, been using it for most of the summer and never let me down, As you can see its handpainted, its ok from 20 foot! but i have tested a little rubbing down on the bonnet and found it could be improved with a little work, but it looks ok to me as is. Just replaced all the drums and brake linings, its had a new rad, new windscreen, various other bits and pieces just to make sure its ok really. I do have the door tops to go with the truck, one is brand new, never fitted, the other original but good, both need painting, and i will give the new owner a tin of paint, i do have a truck cab to go with this truck, so if you didnt want the soft top i could put truck cab on and come to an arangement in your favour, again the truck cab needs a coat of paint,(this is why i hand painted it) . The bulk head is excellent, the chassis has been patched, but nicely done, the soft top has a couple of very small tears, new seats also, this is an old LR, 50 years old, so it has bumps etc front bumper a little bent also, The auction will run its course, no buy it now,

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