Tuesday 22 September 2015

LAND ROVER SWB 88" 2 1/4 petrol 1960 tax exempt

Sellers Comments - Hi, here I have my beloved Landrover for sale with great regret, but house move forces sale. It is a series 2 with probably more series 3 than 2 bits on it. I have started to convert it to coil sprung hence the rear is coil and the front is still untouched leaf spring, it`s been an ongoing project for a few years but I just don`t have time to finish. I was going to put both the defender axes on with the coil springs giving it disc brakes all round and a slightly higher ratio in the diffs for better fuel consumption and cruising. From the seat position to the rear all the welding has been done and a defender axel fitted I do have the front defender axel that will go with the sale, the front is totally untouched and does need welding to either finish the conversion I started or just to get it back on the road. The rear leaf spring hangers are still there so to convert the rear back to leaf sprung would only mean bolting a standard rear axel on and cutting of the coil spring locaters. Only half the Landrover has been painted (see pics) the only parts missing as far as I`m aware are the seat`s (any car seat can be made to fit) and the standard rear axel and leaf springs if you are to convert it back to leaf spring. One rear side window is broken/cracked but I do have it. It has been stood for a number of years but never fail`s to start. It does drive only with the front axel as I haven`t connected the rear propshaft up yet. I do have a new fuel tank that goes with the sale. This will need to be trailered away. I have the full log book/V5 in my name.

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