Sunday 20 September 2015

Land Rover Series 2A 1970 Petrol TAX Exempt For Sale

My 1970 Series 2a is up for sale as I need a new roof and this is the third Land Rover in the house and the best one to me. First its a Series 2a TAX Exempt with a series 3 plastic grille and not the correct maltese cross mesh version. The bulkhead, the dash engine and gearbox are all off a series 3 with all these conversations were all done prior to me taking ownership. Since owning the 2a I have had the five rims and external sun visor powder coated. The front disc brakes and cylinders were replaced by Dale Faulkner in Markyate (St Albans) who is the regular mechanic on the 2a. For its age the ride is bouncy and requires strength to drive as its pretty much a tractor with a cab on it and not for the faint hearted. If you have driven one before then you will have been bitten by the bug. The gearbox and diff all have that excellent noise a 45 year old land rover would make and the "standard" jumping out of third now and then when hitting a bump but is handled by always keeping your hand on the lever when driving.

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