Friday 18 September 2015

1967 Land Rover Series 2 Restored and Very Well Kept - Malta Land Force Military - Buy Now £5200

1967 Land Rover Series 2 LWB - Very Well Kept

Selling this Beauty on behalf of a friend.  Car is located in sunny Malta :)

10,000 Euro was spent on restoration.  Car is painted and themed with the Malta Land Force Desert Color. (Malta Land Force - Military Organization 1970)

Land Rover Series 2 LWB. Very well kept as pictures can testify.
- Original steel rims 
- Original front and rear steel bumpers, including preparation for 
towing ball
- Original front end (not converted to later models)
- Mudguard-mounted spade
- Overdrive
- Low/high gearbox
- Rock sliders
- No power steering (this does exist for these models, owner wouldn’t
fit an aftermarket one otherwise it would ruin the front)
- 3.0 diesel Toyota engine, very economical and reliable.
- Immaculate interior, which includes a cubby box
- Soft-top in very good condition and doesn’t leak, only a couple of
minor tears at the back need attention (age related)
- Original half-doors with sliding windows
- Original down-swinging back door
- Down-swinging benches at the back, including an extra seat
Very solid chassis which is rust-free, including the outriggers.

This land rover doesn’t get to see any off-road action so it is very much unmolested!
Bulkhead and the rest of the body is also rust free....

Please note that over 10k was spent on restoration....


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