Sunday 27 September 2015

Land Rover Series III / 3 88" SWB - Carawagon

Land Rover Series III.

Slightly un finished project. Not a lot left to do, just engine fettling really and some minor cosmetics to re-fit. I have another project now on the go though and limited space. Still has MOT till Jan/Feb next year and is Tax Exempt. I have the V5 but it will need the engine changing on it to the 2.5di, but this can be done with a letter from a garage.

May also need a paint job at some point if that bothers you as whilst I have had the bulkhead re-painted in the original pastel green, most of the other panels/doors are a mixture of the best I could find condition wise and I liked the patchwork look! Most bits needed coming with it, passenger mirror, internal mirror, sills, exhaust middle support, things like that.

It is a Carawagon International Searle Conversion. Not sure what they would have done to it, but the obvious thing is the missing internal bulkhead between the cab and the front seats. They also appear to be rare.

It has good front seats, overdrive, galvanised chassis, professionally restored engine bulkhead (Have photos of this from the company), up rated LWB front brakes with servo, new brake lines, working 200di Conversion (Including Glencoyne rear flywheel mod, Steve Parker Alternator mod), all doors serviceable and lock off same key. Correct ignition switch for the engine (i.e. glowplug position before firing). Brand new battery moved to under the front seat. LWB clocks added with mileage set to correct mileage (Although now inaccurate for new engine). LWB rims with 7.50 tyres to give better gearing with the diesel engine without affecting the speedo. Towbar and steps, new speedo cable, new front door hinges, just about every bolt replaced with stainless.

Would suggest towing/trailering away as I have not driven it on the road for any great distance since fitting the 200di and there are things like the exhaust that still need sorting for long-term use, as well as the cambelt that I was planning on changing prior to long term use. Before the overhaul and fitting the new engine though I did drive it every weekend and the gearbox and overdrive functioned flawlessly.