Wednesday 25 October 2017

Land Rover Series 3 1971 Ful years MOT Rag Top 200TDI with Fairy Overdrive

Sellers Comments - Hi Your looking at my Series 3 Landrover (beverley) Its with great sadness that i have to sell this lovley old truck. She has bee a very loyal honest car from day one. Its fitted with a 200 TDI engine and and fairy overdrive. all working as you would expect Has a 3 year old soft top that can removed on a nice hot summers day. So on to the good points.. Tax exempt 200TDI Engine Pulls well in all gears Fitted with later Defender front end to alow for the turbo intercooler to be fitted. Fairy Over drive Roll Bar Free wheeling front hubs Working 4 wheel drive and low range Big of road/on road wheels fitted with BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A tires (all got loads of tread) Very solid chassis (cleaned and reundersealed when i got it 3 years or so ago) no rust and dosent look to have been welded .. Waxoiled at the same time. 3 year old soft top (Exmore Trim) Also have a Bikini Hood (Exmore Trim) never fitted .. New Turbo insert fitted about a week after I got it Had a new rear diff cover as the old one was leaking and rusted out New brakes all round about 2.5 years ago New master cylinder about 1 month ago Fitted with a battery isolater switch Has a snorkel fitted but is not connected Have a hard top and side windows but will be a pain as it has a roll bar (you will need to arange pick up of this if you wanted it. So the not so good bits... Speedo stoped working shortley after last years MOT (cable is busted) Leaks oil (like they all do) mostley from the final drive housing (have new seals but never fitted) Smokes on start up for about 5 mins till its warmed up. Heater switch fell apart so is liked out fan is on all the time Boddy work was painted buy last owner and is not the best of jobs...Look at the pictures.. Apart from that its a great honest car with and would not take much to get it back in to tip top shape if you so wished. For me i like its ruffness and used look :) runs and dives like they should and thanks to the over drive will keep up with moden trafic no problem. Selling due to pending divorce. it will be genuinly missed. all my family love this old truck and my kids alway would prefer to go out in this rather than the boring old sabb i use as a daily driver. Right on to the nasty bit sorry all real bidders... Please dont bid enless you have more than 10 feedback (or contact me first if not) I will not swap the car for magic beans or any other sort of deal. I will need a £1000 pound deposit at the end of the auction or a phone call to say your on the way with cash in your hand! Please come round and take a look over it before you bid to save any disapointment (not that you will be its a lovley old landy). Feel free to give me a call if you are genuin and want to buy this old girl. PickUp from Maidstone in Kent. 07852990718 Thanks for looking Stagcar