Monday 30 October 2017

EX-Army Land Rover

Sellers Comments - Here is my Fitted for Radio 110. I don`t want to sell it but the boss indoors has told me that something has to go. The Land Rover has never let me down and has started first time every time, it has stood for a while now so will need a little bit of TLC. There is some rust on the bulkhead on the passenger side and can be seen in the pictures. The exhaust is blowing, its the front pipe and wont cost much to fix, I just don`t have the time to do it (I have been told I have to paint the house). It comes with the 24 volt alternator which I removed as it weighs a ton and I didn't need it to work. I also have a full tin of green paint which you can have as well. Due to no MOT it will need to be towed away. The waffle boards in the photos don`t come with the Land Rover.