Tuesday 11 April 2017

Land Rover Series III

Sellers Comments -
This is an original 1978 Land Rover Series 3 - 88 short wheel base

It has undergone a complete and very nice (from the ground up) restoration by the previous owner, Including a new short engine installation.

Presented in Land Rover Bronze Green, with Canvas Full Rag Top and Limestone Wheels – making it a handsome looking example.

The restoration started after a piston had come through, and therefore its was time to bring it back to her former glory.

The whole vehicle was stripped right back, and the outriggers were replaced. There were some additional replacement patches added. All work was completed by a professional trained fabricator and welder.

The chassis was completely renovated using red-oxide, then two coats of chassis paint, followed by the application of a light black coat of wax oil under-seal, making it as good as new. The chassis is now solid and 100% rust free.

All of the suspension has been repaired or replaced as needed and the axles have been stripped repainted as the chassis.

The bulkhead was given replacement footwells and floors. It was then prepared and rubbed completely back and has undergone a red-oxide treatment before it was primered and then finished in the two top coats. All appropriate seals have been replaced too.

The engine has undergone a belt and braces rebuild, so while it has done 95000 miles over its life time, you can be rest assured the engine now has another 100,000 in her - it was skimmed and completely rebuilt with ‘all’ new parts. Pistons, rings, crank big ends, seals, bearings, injectors etc etc etc. In fact a complete rebuild.

Since refitting the car has travelled no more 700 miles, therefore its probably just about run in.

New brakes have been fitted, including drums, shoes and springs. A new seal kit was fitted into the master cylinder and a new seal kit was fitted into the clutch.

Internally, triple front seats fitted and a brand new cubby box and a bench seat in the rear. The seats are in perfect order with no rips or tears.

All controls work as they should, the dashboard does have a couple of very small sun cracks, but it shouldn’t deter anyone wanting it. Rubber handbrake and gear gaiters have been fitted. So a very clean, decent and enjoyable cabin .

Prior to restoration, the vehicle had been painted in places by hand, a common Land Rover thing ! – It meant it did have some faint paint runs and in some areas where the paint was thicker in places. Both wings had signs of damage too, and had been given some make shift repairs. So the body was rubbed back, however the nice thing is that the restoration carried out, still gives the vehicle a new but used look, rather than choosing to use filler in panels, which often starts to show through after time. This gives the vehicle a lovely feel of looking really good for its age and not something it shouldn’t be !

It has had a complete respray both inside and out. It was etch primed where it needed, then a coat of primer all over before completing with two top coats.

A brand new pair of side sills have been fitted, the wings retain their light wear and some of the flat surface marks can still be visible below the paint, again some lovely character.

At the rear a pair of checker plate corners have been fitted.

All four wheel drive works perfectly well and the wheels are fitted with four  750 x16 M/T tyres including a very decent spare.

The engine is of course the 2286 and is diesel, and while a little noisier than the petrol version, the economy is significantly better.

The gearbox works beautifully, with synchromesh, so no need for double de-clutching, which you would have to do for any earlier models.

It comes with a long MOT, which was done in September and passed easily with ‘no advisories’ at all.

There are two sets of keys and the doors lock perfectly well. The canvas hood looks like new. She is currently stored in a dry garage, and was also garage stored by the previous owner for several years, so since restoration she has been very well looked after.

This is a handsome and very honest Land Rover, it is quite original with no silly modern additions. Its huge fun to drive, quite physical at times, but that is part of the charm and why we love them.

It comes with some reasonable documented history. 

There is nothing that this Land Rover needs, everything is in perfect working order, so the only thing she needs is to be driven !

In addition to becoming the owner of a great vehicle, you can also be safe in the knowledge that this Land Rover is an investment, it will only go up in value, so you can buy it, have huge fun and when you are ready sell it on and you will make a profit, which can’t be said for may other vehicles of this price range.

Everyone is welcome to come and view it at anytime and I’m happy to answer any questions – I would however like to request please, that I receive serious interest only,

I am very happy to sell my Land Rover internationally, to anyone in the world, and but would be willing to help source a delivery company if needed.

My photography skills aren't that good, so if you would like me to take any additional specific images, just let me know.

I've looked around and can see that there are Land Rover being sold for considerably more than I looking for, and equally there are cheaper ones out there too, although the cheaper ones do need work, and from experience, can easily be money pits. So if you would like this Land Rover, do bid with confidence.

Happy Bidding