Sunday 23 April 2017

Land Rover Defender 110 200tdi Camper Expedition Explorer Off The Grid Camping

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Land Rover Defender 110 200tdi Camper Expedition Explorer Off The Grid Camping.

Hello and welcome to this rare sale. This sale is for my Landrover Defender 110 Camper. This will get you to areas that no other campers have been before!

The Land Rover its self is a pickup model with a genuine 200tdi engine, fitted from the factory. This runs very nicely and is unbelievably quiet along with gearbox.
Chassis wise is very solid has had some welding work over the years.
All the outriggers are solid, (i would say it's time for another wax oil to keep on top of it)
Again, the bulkhead is in overall good condition. There is some surface rust coming through on the bulkhead corners, (nothing major see pics).
The Land Rover has had new door skins over the last 18months. It's also fitted with a few extras like new snorkel, jackable rocksliders, high-level front bumper, chequer plate, light bar, 30mm spacers etc.
This is Moted until September 2017.
All panels are fairly straight for a Defender. 
It has half leather seats and a matching cubby box the front.

Now to the camper part:
The camper body is made out of lightweight fibreglass. This will sleep 2 Adults and one small child, (or as many as you want to fit).
This makes up as a double bed with child's space above the cab.
The camper conversion was done a good 10years ago and is still going strong.
It has a sink area fitting and storage under the seats.
This has been kitted out to be as basic as possible.(nothing to go wrong)

I would say the Land Rover wants a few bits doing to it such as;
New drivers door lock.
A heater switch in the cab.
Odd bit of trim
Odd mark/scratch etc here and there (it's a Land Rover)

As for the camper, its set up to be as basic as possible ie no heating or power but it would be very easy to fit, using the second leisure battery and a split charge system.
Heating wise, we were going to put a diesel heater in but it's been warm enough when we have used it, so haven't got round to it. 

I had big plans for the camper over the next coming months. I was going to get it heated and the electric supply in along with a tv, paint the blue, white. Just make it a really modern camper. Unfortunately, time is against me and its time for it to go.

The camper is ready to go on an adventure as it is or with a little work could be something very special. This 110 has done many trips overseas and is a very trustworthy Land Rover.
She now sits on a set of alloys wheels with new Bridgestone tyres. 

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