Tuesday 28 March 2017

Land Rover Series 2a - £1650 - Location Stocksfield

Sellers Comments Please note this is part of a small collection of vehicles I own which I have decided to sell. I have too many projects and want to focus on one at a time. This is my 1967 Land Rover series IIa in all round good condition. The engine has been upgraded for a more modern more efficient land rover 90 engine which starts off the key with little effort. The chassis and bulkhead on this car are as solid as they come with great care been taken by previous owners. New brake lines fitted (need bleeding) all round. Many other spare parts come with this car with too many to list. Electrics need adding as there are currently none. At the moment I have nor the time or wisdom to complete this task and can't see it happening any time in the forseable future. I know exactly what these cars are fetching nowadays and know that their value is set to rise. I feel the asking price for the car is a fair and honest value and with some time and effort could easily be made a fair amount more.

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