Friday 24 March 2017

Crazy VW Beetle Series 3 III Land Rover SLAMMED ROVER Bug Custom Tax exempt WOW

Sellers Comments Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the sale of, yup, The SlammedRover. "What is this mad-as-a-box-of-frogs vehicle?" I hear you cry! well, it's a VW Beetle based Land Rover bodied four wheeled box of awesomeness, that's what it is. So, erm, how? and why? well, on the VW scene, most things have been done, buggies, buses, fibreglass kits etc, but to our knowledge, no one on this big spinning globe has ever built a Series 3 bodied VolksRoverLandWagen - until now!!!... Now, don't go thinking some questionably haired kid has thrown a Land Rover body onto a bug chassis, oh no, it's WAY more complicated than that..... Firstly all dimensions were very carefully marked up, then a complete custom frame was professionally built to exacting standards, along with custom floor pan frames, sills and rolled pans fitted, complete chassis/body stonechipped, then the Series 3 body was mocked up, adjust, tweaked then fitted, along with a 4" narrowed adjustable front beam, Golf steering rack, a nice sounding 1300 lump (with no end float!), fuel system, replacement brake pipes, beetle seat bases welded in, and to make things that bit more nuts - suicide doors fitted so you can clip em back for extra cruising points... Along with the engineering side of things, we wanted to make it stand out, so we went full on Redneck moonshine hauler style! spudsack seat covers, roped steering wheel, completely custom wooden pickup bed (removable) with lift-off sides, all aged to perfection, along with some custom graphics too! and sat tickling the worms on those murdered out alloys, it definitely looks the business! As the famous Aaron Kaufman once said, "a car's attitude is all about its altitude". wise man...... So, the result? an absolutely mental, complete headturning and quite possibly show winning custom build that's a bit different from the rest... Why sell it? well, it's got this far but we just don't have the time or space to finish, and short of fitting a wiring loom (it's that simple electrics-wise that you could use 7 core trailer cable!) and a weekend or two of buttoning up a few bits, it's pretty much done! (with a battery on, it starts, drives, stops and steers), all of the hard (and very expensive!) work has been done, the countless hours of measuring, cutting, welding are out of the way, so a few days playing with it and you might just have the headturner of the 2017 show season! Viewing is welcome absolutely anytime (within reason!) in Headcorn, Kent. It's not mot'd (although it IS tax exempt and comes with V5, service receipts etc) and you can't drive it home, so it'll need trailering, or if you're brave, A-framing, but it's really light and we can help with loading etc..