Monday 20 March 2017

Land Rover Defender 90 trayback 200tdi off roader challenge truck

Sellers Comments -This defender has got the best out of all the Land Rover engines the bombproof 200tdi which has had the turbo uprated and the pump turned up so now has plenty of power. Which it does need to turn those massive 37x12.5 r16 soft compound maxis trepadors which have only been used for 2 pay and play days along with the big offset modulars which all cost £2000 and are basically new. It has been trackbacked by the previous owner which could do with a bit of touching up in a place or two but overall it is a good truck and will just about go anywhere you point it. The uprated radius arms, trailing arms and springs mean the axle twisters are no problem, you can get this truck into all sorts of funny shapes and still have all 4 wheels on the floor. It's got a goodwinch with the famous bow motor to power it and the synthetic rope which will need replacing one day as it snapped while in deep mud so it's a little shorter now (that's how powerful the winch is). It's a cheap defender if you start adding up what the parts cost £2000 for the wheels and tyres on there own never mind the rest!

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