Saturday 4 March 2017

Land Rover Defender 110 Special Build.

Sellers Comments 2001 Land Rover Defender Ex-AA Special Build. Main features: Twin batteries. Snorkel. Winch and remote control. Flood lights and rear work light. Orange flashing LED beacons. Anderson power socket and jump cables. 2 inch lift. Heavy duty patriot roof rack with rear ladder. Kumho tires. Upgraded seats in front (part leather) and back has Puma seats. 300tdi engine professionally installed. New clutch. Resurfaced flywheel. Waxoyling treatment on the underside. Exmoor trim folding seats in the boot. Brand new down pipe fitted in Feb 2017.

Some points that need work, as all defenders this old do. 
The odometer cable will need replacing, as it does play up sometimes on the speedo. 
Rear doors have suffered corrosion, still function exactly as they should but will need changing in the next few years. I have both rear door replacements already they just need a coat of paint. I also have the paint for the doors matched and good to go. 
Some of the electric accessories will need reconnecting, the Anderson power socket, rear work light and two front flood lights on the bull bar are all disconnected at this point in time. 

All in all a brilliant runner, starts every time and is very reliable. The underside is very solid, having been waxoyled and treated before I bought it. I also had some welding work done under the drivers pedals to remove a rusted panel but it's all replaced and solid now. And will be for years and years. 

The interior is pretty much luxury for a Defender! Very comfortable seats and charger ports etc for long journeys. I've done 10-15 hour journeys in this vehicle and I've got out the other end with no back ache at all. And the car did brilliantly on the longer journeys. 

In summary you can see I've been honest and Shown good and bad points about the Landy. Obviously it isn't a pristine 2016 model, and it has chips and one or two dents here and there. But the car has character and a lot of history. And for it's age/mileage/what it's been used for it's in great condition.

The price reflects the work needing done and it's an absolute steal. Good luck. 

I absolutely love the car and if you decide to purchase it it will definitely serve you well. No matter what role it's needed for. Will be sorely missed but it's done the job I needed it for. 

Any questions please feel free to ask.